The bugs are a creature that attacks the players home. it is unknown if the bugs are classified as Cosmoids or if they are anothe rtype of creature. you fight many waves of them including small, and large ones.


The roles of these bugs are as the main enemy of the game, they currently are the only creatures faught and appear on both levels.


Normal- these are the stanbdard bug, the travel at normal speeds, and have normal health. If three pass to the end you lose the level.

Large-these bugs are very large, but besides size have the same appearence, they have large quanteties of HP and deserve the focus of your fire. If they make it to the end of the level you instantly lose.

Small-these bugs are small and have little HP, however they are very fast. like the large size is the only asthetic difference. like the standard if three make it to the end you lose.