Level 1: Invasion

You start off and there is a swarm of bugs coming to your house. This is the kind of totourial level. If you allow 3 bugs to pass it is game over for you. you have your attack that is ready very often (Bug Bomb). Then you have one that effects a bigger area but takes longer to be ready (Bug Blast)

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Level 2: Rescue

There is a Chamleaf in the wild (what is he doing here). You must save him then use a new move (healing crystal) to raise his HP again. After you use Healing Crystal about 3 times more bugs will come. Chamleaf will help you fight off the bugs.             Note: You will most likely chose the one you save or you will get all three after saving them. Chamleaf is just there so you know what it will be like.

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A little about CosmoidsEdit

Cosmoids is a new game that Sam Otero, creator of PTD and it's sequel, is working on. For anyone who has donated any amount to him has early access. Sam is currently working on Cosmoids and Pokemon td 2 at the same time, therefore updates may not be quick.

Help NeededEdit

This wikia need a lot of help in order to be complete, and this is something i hope everyone can help with.

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Level 1: Invasion  By:ceejayvee

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